A Message for the Beginning

20 Sep

I decided to make my first post about something that I wrote about a few years ago. I do this because the moral of the story seems to fit exactly what I should be doing now that I am starting to move into the real world. My meaning of the “real world,” is the fact that I am no longer a student. I have finished my degree and am now like many others (it seems like a lot these days) not using my education that I paid, oh so much for. The idea of this blog is to write about anything that I deem interesting. It could be about TV shows, comics or music. It could be some of my poems, song lyrics or even I may get into short stories. Writing about personal experiences in hopes that others can relate may be a main occurrence. Now that I have explained that… let’s get to it!

When I was 13 or 14, I was in Ottawa visiting my sister. We were in the Rideau Centre and taking the escalator down. A random man tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around. I didn’t know this guy at all. He handed me a piece of paper, with what I assumed was his hand writing. He did not say anything. I don’t know if he was mute or not, or possibly thought that by not saying anything and me reading the paper would have a better affect on me. Now being as young as I was I did not take what the paper had to say to heart. Now looking back at it, it was quite a weird thing for the guy to do, but the message of the paper was the focus. I do not know why this guy handed me this paper, if he had given many other notes to other people. Did he do this lots? Did he try to impact people with the message from his note? Or was he doing this to get other people, like me, to remember this and send the message along for others to see? Is it possible for this man who in all likely hood was small man in the scheme of things, to make a difference to a few people? Then for those people to then in turn spread that message to a few others, and make a giant chain reaction?

Now as I said earlier… I did not take this message to mean anything at the time. In fact, I know I do not follow the message on the note. However, it is something I should attempt to practice. I know that I will not always follow it, but it is something that I am going to try.

I have purposely not told you what the note has said yet. I do this because I want it to be the last thing that is read and hopefully makes an impact on you. While it has taken myself time for message to sink in, it is my hope, that anyone that ends up reading this will not take as long as it did me.

I do not know if the people that do read this will take away anything from this note. However, if one person can, then I guess I was able to accomplish the man who gave me the note’s goal. Take this message however you want.

Again, this man who I did not know, who said absolutely nothing to me, tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a hand written note. A complete stranger trying to get a message across and have an impact on the world, and really make it a better place. A hand written note, more personal. I wish that I still had that note today. To remind me of what I should be doing, or maybe to pass it on in hopes to have an effect on someone else. I instead post it on here hoping to pass on the simple message that that complete stranger passed on to me years ago.

The message was simple:

“Always Do Your Best”


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