Follow the Signs

1 Oct

I find that certain movies or TV shows sometimes spark a chord to spawn an idea. The idea is the main foundation for the movie or show resonates with myself. I use that idea with my own influences to write. This is how a few of my poems and songs come to be. This one is written after watching Jeff, Who Lives at Home.(P.S. Can you find the Field of dreams reference??)

Infatuation begins young
Difference makes us afraid
Initially we deny
Can’t comprehend; unknown

We wander, wander, wander some more
Drifting in the ultimate search
Just out of reach
A millimetre close, still miles away

The ache grows into pain
Still in denial
Focus pretends to shift
A lie of no control

Frustration turns to stupidity
Stupidity turns to Self-Doubt
Self-Doubt turns to Other’s Problems
Other’s Problems turns back to You

It may be time for you
Others need more
Recovering from the past
You yearn for the future

An omniscient power
Profane coincidence
The world reacts accordingly
If you wait, it will come

Longing infatuation
Stops – only you know
Following the signs
Leads you to her at the right time


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