Time is Running Out

4 Oct

This one is a little darker. Sometimes I just feel that, because life is short in the grand scheme of things, that no matter when you pass, it will be too soon. Even with medicine as advanced as it is, there always seems to be the next new thing that people have to worry about. Something that will give them cancer, or the next big pandemic. Either way this is poem I wrote a couple years ago and tweaked just a little (found that I repeated the same concept in two verses), that just expresses how I sometimes view death.

My time is limited even more
But this life, I do adore
I feel my life will soon end
Not by my hand, by God condemned

My friends and family I will miss
But I will die by Death’s long kiss
I am happy with the life I’ve known
This shell and time I’ve outgrown

Today, tomorrow, a week? Unknown
When it comes, will I be shown
Gates of heaven, lakes of hell, or the ground I become?
I sit and wonder when this day will come

Not afraid of death; it is not rough
Afraid though, I have not done enough
In this life that will be short
When the beats stop, from this, mine heart


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