In Between

19 Oct

Just realized that I haven`t posted anything new in awhile. I have been thinking about the next few things I want to write/post on here and that has lead me to more thinking as of late than writing. Hopefully soon I will stop thinking and start writing. The thing that is preventing me currently is the prep work that I have to do for these ideas. I am just being a bit lazy. Anyways here is something else in the meantime.

Who is it?
That is me
The one inside myself
To interpret what I have
Question what I don’t
Wondering what to do
Day to day
Living; dying another day
Continue to dream
What is it to live?
Continue on from today
Why must one feel guilt?
End it early
Life is lost
Due to yourself
Not doing what you must
Venture on
No stop
Continue some more
Lost treasure is found
All that’s left
Waiting for it all to end


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