A Poem About Nothing – Spoken Word

19 Feb

Lots of stuff in the last little bit made me write this. I started out trying to pull a Beatles and write it about nothing, but this theme and idea kept coming up due to situations, news stories and documentaries that I have been watching in the last two weeks. Hope you enjoy.


And just in case you wanted to read it after here you are:

The way the world turns
Hatred, loathing – self incriminating
Too much love thy self; not thy neighbor
The hypocritical person
Exists from fear and self doubt
Borrowing from YouTuber Sulibreezy
‘Education is the key’

Kids versus Parents
Boys against Girls
Men versus Woman
Shirts vers’ Skins
Light vers’ Dark
Good vers’ Evil
Red Sox vers’ the Yankees (those evil sons-a-bitches)

Poor vers’ the Rich
The phoniness of hipsters
The greed of corporations
They know no bounds
God vers’ the Devil
Athiests vers’ Religion
And Religion vers’ Religion vers’ Religion
It’s all the same
Faith in Science vers’ God vers’ Reincarnation

It’s all a war
A war on Innocence
A war on who knows best
America vers’ Al Qaeda
A war abroad
Rebublican vers’ Democrate
A war at home
A war on Drugs
A war of equality
Christianity vers’ LGBT
Can’t you see?
It’s killing society

Home vers’ way
Us vers’ Them
Us vers’ Us
Them vers’ Them
Human vers’ Human
People vers’ People
Nation vers’ Nation
A never ending battle
A battle to the end

The list can go on and on
Enlgish vs the French
England vs America
North vs South
Canada burned down the whitehouse
Axis vs Allies
Yes and even, The Grinch vs the Whos
Celebs vs the media
Clinton vs Monica Lew
Athletes vs Steroids
Jesus vs the Romans
Terry Fox, Michael Fox, Mathew Fox and Megan Fox
Cancer, Parkinson’s, Smoke and Robots

Minority vs Majority
Acceptance vs Racism & bigotry
Vs the way things should be
But Sulibreezy reminds us ‘Education is the key’

Fast vs slow
High vs low
Stop vs go
Lust vs Love
Empty vs whole
Unknown vs Known
Slave vs Free
Big and Tall
Small vs them all
Fat vs Skinny
Beautiful vs Ugly
It’s a matter of opinion
The list goes on and on

Free Thinking
That’s how we need to be
Otherwise this poem is about nothing


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