That Fickle Bitch

28 Feb

Thanks to a friend for some drinks. As well, making me write something. I had been putting it off for awhile and after a night with said person, this is what I came up with. I don’t think it is my best- there are some good elements, and some that I might come back at a later date and fix, but I like the idea. But enough jibber jabber:

It’s a fickle Bitch
In the one moment I flinch
Things change

When we were together
I shot a fiery arrow
And that spark
Missed its mark

We always seemed to be running
Parallel – two lines that don’t touch
Physicality overpowers
Connectivity and durability
Causing strain and breaking

Never reaching that focal point
Never reaching double zero
Never becoming perpendicular
Never becoming your hero

I write this to appeal to you vanity
In hopes for a momentary fantasy
Even though our relationship is rests in a cemetery

The strange thing is…
I don’t mind
One point of time
If we would have met now
You would have been mine
We would perfectly align

That time has passed
If that was our present
I would not be me
And you, not you

For it is the experience
Of being with you
And leaving you
Knowing in my heart it was time;
With it being your choice
That brought me to this moment

I dream for myself
Not about you
If your former self didn’t meet me
And my former self didn’t meet you
I would think we’d have a fighting chance
Too bad time ‘s a fickle Bitch


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