Overrated Limousines

5 Mar

I don’t know if I did this story I had in my head justice. So, please if you read it don’t be afraid to comment and tell what you thought. If you enjoyed it let me know. If not, that is just as acceptable. I want to know if I was able to get my point across correctly. This is another one that I might come back to at a later date and re-work. Anyways, I hope you enjoy:

Overrated Limousines

Tyler hopped into the back of the pick-up; as he did this he was blinded by the light that had bounced off the chrome siding of top of the truck. The light had come from the burning, red hot sun on a late June afternoon. Riding in the vehicle with Tyler was his three best friends: Stephan, Denise, and Tom. It was the day after their high school graduation.

“Too bad we couldn’t have gotten to ride in a limo last night,” stated Tom.

“Heh… Limos,” Tyler hesitated.

The idea of limousines was now stuck in Tyler’s mind. Most people relate limousines to celebration – graduations, weddings, New Year’s Eve. People are known to stick their heads out the sun roof and joyously shout toward the stars. They peer over top of all the vehicles, seeing as far as they eye will allow. They can see how the traffic flows; fantasize about the cars that drive past, and the people walking on the sidewalks (clearly not having as much fun as the people in the limo). They can also see the traffic lights that lay ahead. It is almost as if they can see into the future.

Graduation is celebration of great accomplishment. You can be proud to have made it as far as you have. Now it is time to look on to the future – job, school, travel. What are you supposed to do with your life? You grow up with a tight nit group of people, getting to know them inside and out. Creating friendships that you didn’t think were possible. Telling each other everything – the good, the bad, and the ugliness that you wish you never wish to have heard. But, in all of that, you are still glad for being told. The question and fear that happens after every graduation is: Will I remain friends with these people?

New Year’s Eve has a similar notion of looking to the future. People make a resolution, only to break it 23 days later. These plans that are proclaimed are meant to better one’s life. Going from place to place in a limo with all of your friends celebrating the end of one year because it happened to be terrible and doing your best war cry, demanding the world to bring it on as the next year is going to be your year. How is it that every year, that happens to be your year, ends with the celebration of it being over?

Weddings – Weddings are the coming together and sharing that moment of the rest of your lives with the people you love. It is the start of your future. The love of your life is there with you, and now that the two of you are together there is nothing that can stop you. It is time to create something new. The dream of a new house, baby, car, dog and the white picket fence is a dream for everyone.

These notions of celebration and joy all have an idea for the future.

Limousines are typically seen as a luxury that you get when it is time to celebrate. However, for Tyler, that is the complete opposite. The only time that Tyler has been in a limo was at his great grandmother’s funeral. There was not this feeling of looking into the future and imaging how the rest of his life will fare. Instead, Tyler thought about the past. He tried to remember the times that he shared with his great grandmother. Where there many? He was young and didn’t know her well, but he was still sad. Sad for the fact that he didn’t get to know this person that everyone else loved. Tears didn’t hit until late in the service as he saw what it was doing to his parents.  Needless to say, Tyler does not have an affinity to Limousines.

Tyler had something better.

Tyler was in the back of a friends pick up. A few days earlier Stephan, the owner of the truck, had taken the cap off, and the back seats out of his truck. He replaced the seats with a love-seat that fit perfectly the box of the truck. He moved the couch close enough to the front two seats in order to allow for conversation, but made sure there was lots of leg room. As a bonus, there was a case of beer right behind them. A quick reach and everyone – but the driver 😉 – had a beer.

They were cruising down the back roads of the prairies. The weather was perfect – hot enough that they were sweating, but the cold beer and the wind blowing in their faces was refreshing. It was the kind of refreshing when you wake up so thirsty that you think you are about to die, then when you grab a glass of water, you don’t stop until the entire thing is gone. As that last drop of water slithers out of the glass, you are refreshed beyond the means of what you had previously thought possible.

This notion of standing up in a limo had stuck in Tyler’s mind. He just had to give it a try. Tyler stood up and was hit with a blast of wind. It almost knocked him back down due to the shock. Once he regained his balance, Tyler understood that idea of poking your head through the sunroof and peering out. Tyler was in awe. He couldn’t grasp this feeling that was racing through his mind. He did not know it was possible to be overcome with such emotion and at the same time be completely tranquil.

Tyler looked around. He saw wheat fields that had the sun bouncing off of them, giving them a perfectly golden glow. He could not believe his eyes. It was something that he thought that you see in a painting due to its perfection. The real world was not the beautiful, was it?

The aroma of dusty gravel filled his nostrils. It is a smell that is oddly euphoric. It is mixed with the subtle hint of dandelions that are randomly dispersed throughout the ditches. Tyler takes a slight glance down and can see one lonesome bee trying to gather nectar. Being able to focus on that for just a second reminds him, even though the bee is alone right now, it is caring for the rest of the hive. It has a place to go; the same way that Tyler will always find these back prairie roads home.

He glances up from the bee and sees that he has missed a joke that Tom had just told. Stephan and Denise are laughing their asses off. Tyler wishes that he would have heard the joke, but is happier that he gets to see joy expressed in the faces of his best friends. And just like that the people in the limo, he questions if this is going to be something that lasts?

He removes himself from that line of thought and looks ahead, peering into the flat prairie landscape. It is in this moment that he realizes that it does not matter. He can see further – further into the future than anyone has before. Even though he knows that things with these people may end, it is not the last time that he will feel this way. Tyler appreciates that it is these interactions, memories and experiences that will get him through life. These people may come and go, but they will always be important to him. They have helped shape him into the person he will become. The school that he attended, the town he lived, the sports that he played, and the friends that he made will all be something to look back on.

He peers far out taking in the future that he sees for himself; the things he wants out of life. Tyler knows that when he gets to where he wants to go, he will look back through the prairies, through the golden wheat fields, past the bumblebee and the dandelions, forgetting the smell of the gravely dust in the background and deafening the sound of his friends laughter, to know that this moment was perfect. It was the moment that he could look back on at any time of crisis and know: things were going to be okay. It was at this moment he knew that whatever the future would toss his way, life would be good.

Tyler realized that he had kind of trickled off for a few moments. He finally came to and said:

“Limos, who needs em?”


One Response to “Overrated Limousines”

  1. withlovevalentina March 5, 2013 at 2:40 am #

    I LOVE limos, but I also have the experience personally knowing the owner of a limo/car service company so perhaps my opinion of them is somewhat bias.Good progress, there’s room for further development but only if you want to expand. =)

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