The Haze

12 Mar

A new one that I wrote a little while ago. I broke up my stanzas into little headings. Each one has its own thought, but together they make up the story.


The Haze


The False Oasis

Through the bottle and the haze
I see a face
A porcelain face
Hair sways like wind chimes
Relaxing me entirely

She looks away and my heart breaks
Purposely not making eye contact
A galaxy away
Stars are dwarfed by the shine of her eyes

The Fall

I’m curious what lay underneath
Mixing you and I
The same way I keep mixing
I keep the haze; the bottle slowly dies

The closer to death
The bigger the haze
Cloudy, murky and colour that fades
Shiny blindness – losing touch

The Swamp

An unforgiving fog
Binds me in place
Before I know it, you leave
My lead shoes match my tongue
Betrayed by my haze

Struggling and fighting I reach and grab
Taking hold of vines, weeds – anything
Anything that will answer my gargles
Anything that will take root long enough to hold
Time reveals fallacies

My Reward

This haze bends and shifts time
Events jump and distort
The murkiness, blindness and haziness become unbearable
Blackness; Darkness
It ends with loneliness

I awake and detest
One to the other
Jumping from ship to ship to ship
Making me my own captain
I killed the bottle
My reward – The haze


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