The Killer (Song)

13 Mar

This is a call back to an old post. I put the lyrics of this song up as it worked well on its own. However, I finally got around to recording it. Lyrics to follow underneath so you can sing along! 😛



The Killer

I was on a journey, on a long and winding road
It suddenly became aware, that I was not alone
When I went to look, there was a shocking surprise
It was the deep dark figure, hidden deep inside
This is a secret that I fear
Finally from within, the killer has appeared

If he arises, I’m afraid where I will go
I’m sure it’s the places that I refuse to know
I know society, will not understand
Just the unforgiveable thing, that is at hand
I try to bury it deeper, but it will not subside
The killer is finding his way out, from inside

I do not recognize him, from me, myself, and I
Deep inside I always knew, but still I question why
That this person is really me apart
Of the animal instinct, buried in my heart
Inside of me, released the gates of hell
How can I question, what it is I felt?

I do not know if I can prevent him from, seeing the light day
I guess this will have to end, in utter dismay
I wish that there was, a better fitted end
If it wasn’t for one, there would be no dead
I would love to keep debating, but there is something in my sights
Once I pull this trigger that is all she would write


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