My Boardwalk Empire

25 Mar

New spoken word. Video isn’t the best quality, but not bad for just an iPhone. I found it funny how I use my hands in this video – all rapper style 😛



I don’t consider myself a writer
… At least not yet
Like Pictionary I scribble onto the page
I sit in a lonely room
Trying to find the courage to show my face
No more hiding behind a screen
It is time to get on to that stage
I know there are things that need work

The fireflies scatter in my mind
Lightbulbs that I just can’t catch
When one slips up
Rolling the die and hit with snake eyes
A dumbfound gaze
That’s when I strike
After I have trapped my prize
My brain sparks and cracks
Lighting the way, as I wander through this lyrical maze
Ideas are trapped inside my rusty-caged mind
The only way out is to flow like electricity from my mind to my shoulder
Water-falling down my arm
Schizophrenically twitching through my fingers
That has taken hold of an object as tight as a virgin
That makes chicken scratch that only I can decipher

But what I do, I do for me
It’s to get these thoughts out of my head
‘Cause if I don’t I become jumbled
No words forming from my Boggle
All I see is blank spaces in Scrabble
Having so much is like having nothing
It’s hard to make an agenda
I pull on block out and instantly have to yell “Jenga!”
But I’m Sorry that I can’t catch the Clue
I keep sliding down snakes because I can’t seem to find the ladders
I take a chance and go directly to jail, not collecting my $200

But that is only one side of the coin
(Landing on my ass)
I could land heads up and keep going
This process is a messy Operation
I’ll definitely get into Trouble
Head back to start
Starting a new character sheet
Questing through my own Dungeons and Dragons

But enough of the Charades
This is the Game of Life
If I never take a Risk
I’ll never conquer the world


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