Blink 182 – Dammit

6 Apr

Blink 182

Many of you may know that my favourtie band is Blink 182. And one of my favourite songs from them is Dammit. This was one of the first songs I figured out how to play when I was learning guitar. Since then I have covered it in an acoustic way and recently covered it via piano.

I follow Blink’s Facebook page and saw this mash-up that someone else created. I wish I could take credit for this as it as hell-a catchy.

This got to thinking that I have a couple of thinking about my covers that I had created. I have two piano covers that I want to share with you guys. The first one is just a classic piano version of Dammit.

Then I also did this version with a synthesized sound.

And there you have it… a Dammit mash-up not by me, which is clearly the best, and two piano covers by me with different sounds. Let me know what you think!

P.S. I had been drinking a bit so.. sorry if my singing is a little off… that is why… 😛


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