Cracker Jack Invitation

17 Apr

Hello! As always it has been a little bit since I last posted. Still working on a few things, but those are coming along slowly. This post is to show one of the things that I have done for my job – and I think it’s cool.

This is an invitation that I thought of to send to our customers to invite them to a baseball game. There is a convention in Toronto and the evenings are typically free for people to get together. And it just so happened that the Toronto Blue Jays were playing the same time. I didn’t want to send out typical invitation, or just a electronic version. That is boring. I pitched this and one other idea to my superiors. This was my second choice, but I think it turned out better than what I originally wanted. The idea and copy is mine, but I have to give a hand to my graphic designer for making it work. I don’t have those type of skills…yet?…

This first picture is the mock up to make sure that we could pull it off.

Mock Up

Cracker Jack Invitation Mock Up

We thought it turned out well, so we sent the stickers to the printers. We had purchased many Cracker Jack boxes. We decided to just sticker over top of the actual box and once the stickers arrived I had some fun applying them to roughly 80 boxes.

We ordered a lot of Cracker Jack boxes... there are still some left over!!

We ordered a lot of Cracker Jack boxes… there are still some left over!!

After that was complete I took some product shots – surprisingly turned out decent for iPhone photos. And this is a picture of the final product.

I think it turned out pretty good!

I think it turned out pretty good!

There you have it. My other idea was to send foam fingers, but that would have been way too much… and really, not as practical. I recieved a few emails letting me know that people enjoyed the invitations, and I hope everyone did. And I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing!

Go have some fun! ‘Til next time…. whenever that may be…


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