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19 Apr

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Harbinger #11Harbinger #11
Writer: Joshua Dysart
Artists: Khari Evans, Stefano Gaudiano, Trevor Hirsine
Colorist: Ian Hannin
37 pages, $3.99

I think old age has caused me to be too cautious when it comes to buying comics. In my younger days, I would head to my local comic shop and just start randomly grabbing books off the rack. Sure, I bought a lot of crap comics back then, but I also discovered several really good series I fell in love with… And it was all due to a bit of luck, plus a willingness to blindly jump headlong into a book without any prior knowledge of its content.

Nowadays, you have the internet and fine websites like Inveterate Media Junkies taking the guess-work out of the buying equation. If you’re smart, you can discover the good comics (and what crap to avoid) without breaking the bank to find out. Speaking as a…

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