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17 May

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Archer & Armstrong #0Archer and Armstrong #0
Desperate Times
Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Clayton Henry
Letterer: Dave Lanphear
Colorist: David Baron
23 pages, $3.99

The only Valiant comic I’ve ever read before Archer and Armstrong #0 was Magnus Robot Fighter #2– and that was around about 1992 back in the old Jim Shooter days. I’ll steer clear of any of the controversy over creators’ rights and all that– sticking to what’s presented in this particular comic. I picked Archer and Armstrong because the new Valiant has been getting rave reviews and I wanted to start with something that would give me a glimpse of what’s on offer– rather than jump into the middle of the run. The other reason I picked it– honestly, the rest of this week’s releases are mediocre to garbage.

What we get in this zero issue is a framing piece of the duo in their Las Vegas penthouse, where Armstrong tells his origin…

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