About Me

Hey! My name is Nick Furi, yes I am a superhero (check out for yourself) and this is my creative blog. My ultimate goal is to achieve some kind of way that I can do stuff like this for a living. In the process though, this is going to be my attempt to be as creative as possible. I will dabble in a variety of things until I find the few that I think I am really good at… hopefully some of you will like whatever it may be as well.

While, at the moment there are not many posts on here, I have been doing creative things for the majority of my life. I have played instruments as long as I can remember. When you really get to know me, you know that I like to talk… a lot. Which I think is because I like to tell stories. I enjoy TV, movies, and comic books a little too much – I get distracted easily by them.

I went to the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan. I received a BComm with a major in marketing. My goal was to go into advertising… which I’m still not against. I had some time in between school and an actual marketing job. I knew I wanted to do something creative, like advertising, so I decided to exercise that muscle as much as I could in the meantime. Upon doing this I realized that I enjoyed writing and creating more than I thought. Because of this I am considering going back to school to entertain this idea with a more serious intention. However, in the meantime I am going to continue writing and creating things to put up on this blog.

I read another blogger saying that writing is ultimately for yourself, which is true, but I hope that other enjoy what I write. I am going to be putting many different things up on here. I will write poems, stories, essays, opinions, advertising ideas and hopefully put up a few songs that I have written.

But I think that is enough about me. Go start reading the stuff I have posted. Thanks and hope you enjoy!


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