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26 May

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Green Team Team Trillionaires #1Green Team: Team Trillionaires #1
Riot Act
Writers: Art Baltazer, Franco
Artists: Ig Guara, J.P. Mayer
Colorist: Will Quintana
Letterer: Travis Lanham
20 pages, $2.99

IMJ Nation™ member Helmir posed a question on the IMJ Open Thread earlier this week, “So who’s the poor unlucky bastard that has to review Green Team #1?

Well, of course, that unlucky bastard would be me… And I can’t blame anyone but myself– seeing as I volunteered to do it.

I mainly chose the comic because I’d reviewed its sibling title, The Movement #1– and I figured I might as well see if there was anything worthy in this much hyped pairing of titles. (The other reason I picked it– Ian wouldn’t let me review Daredevil #26, no matter how much I pleaded!)

The basic idea of this mess is blindingly obvious from the name of the book: It’s a group of rich kids

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IMJ Capsule Reviews™ – All New Comic Book Reviews!

17 May

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Archer & Armstrong #0Archer and Armstrong #0
Desperate Times
Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Clayton Henry
Letterer: Dave Lanphear
Colorist: David Baron
23 pages, $3.99

The only Valiant comic I’ve ever read before Archer and Armstrong #0 was Magnus Robot Fighter #2– and that was around about 1992 back in the old Jim Shooter days. I’ll steer clear of any of the controversy over creators’ rights and all that– sticking to what’s presented in this particular comic. I picked Archer and Armstrong because the new Valiant has been getting rave reviews and I wanted to start with something that would give me a glimpse of what’s on offer– rather than jump into the middle of the run. The other reason I picked it– honestly, the rest of this week’s releases are mediocre to garbage.

What we get in this zero issue is a framing piece of the duo in their Las Vegas penthouse, where Armstrong tells his origin…

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IMJ Capsule Reviews™ – All New Comic Book Reviews!

10 May

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Iron Man #9Iron Man #9
The Secret Origin of Tony Stark – Prologue
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Dale Eaglesham
Colorist: Guru eFX
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
20 pages, $3.99

Iron Man #9 was a less than average comic. Kieron Gillen’s story is slow and inconsequential… And the cliff-hanger isn’t much of a cliff-hanger. (I’ve heard great things about Gillen’s work, but I have yet to see any of it. Free free to point me toward something great, if such a comic exists.)

Dale Eaglesham’s art had a futuristic vibe, which works well with Iron Man… Especially when Tony Stark’s in space. But the simple plot of Iron Man hiring a mercenary and being tricked by 451 (a Brainiac type character) is contrived and unoriginal. That’s about all I have to say about the actual comic… Other than it’s a damn sorry waste of my $3.99. It wasn’t completely terrible, but it was definitely far from good.

Since I’m left with…

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Inspirational Words – To A Kid Doing Things He Loves!

30 Apr

“It’s not about what you love… It’s about HOW you love it.”

These words rang through my head and hit be with a powerful force. I didn’t know how deafening a sentence spoken normally could actually be.

Wil Wheaton (if you don’t know who he is… shame on you and you should instantly google him!) spoke these word during a panel at the Calgary Expo. I was unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict with a photo op with Eliza Dushku – how unfortunate ;). My friends had been able to attend and could not wait to tell me about it. If I had been there, it probably would have been the highlight of my weekend instead of the Nathan Fillion Panel – again how unfortunate ;). Lucky for me, the part my friends explained to me is already online – watch down below.

This resonated with me because of where my life is currently. If you don’t know, I went to university and majored in marketing. While this is acceptable, I have realized this is not my ultimate goal. I am fortunate enough to have realized this at the age of 23 – I know many people that have waited a lot longer to realize and strive for their goals.

Wil also states that it isn’t about being famous for him. He just does what makes him happy, and is lucky enough to have been successful at it. While everyone can’t be successful, that shouldn’t stop you from doing whatever it is you love. It could be that you love reading comic books. If that is your passion, don’t let anyone take it away from you. However, for someone in my position – trying to make it as a creative either by writing, making stuff (which you will hopefully be able to see stuff soon), music, etc. – these words make me want to strive for my goals even more.

Too many times people follow money. Of course I would love to be rolling in it, but I have realized that money isn’t everything. It definitely helps… but it isn’t everything. If I can just get by by doing the things I love, I am completely okay with that.

I honestly can’t say it any better than Wil Wheaton. The only thing that I will add to it, is summarizing it the way that makes the most sense to me.

This video is a call to do what makes you HAPPYNOT what makes you money.

Now please enjoy the words of Wil Wheaton.

IMJ Capsule Reviews™ – All New Comic Book Reviews!

19 Apr

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Harbinger #11Harbinger #11
Writer: Joshua Dysart
Artists: Khari Evans, Stefano Gaudiano, Trevor Hirsine
Colorist: Ian Hannin
37 pages, $3.99

I think old age has caused me to be too cautious when it comes to buying comics. In my younger days, I would head to my local comic shop and just start randomly grabbing books off the rack. Sure, I bought a lot of crap comics back then, but I also discovered several really good series I fell in love with… And it was all due to a bit of luck, plus a willingness to blindly jump headlong into a book without any prior knowledge of its content.

Nowadays, you have the internet and fine websites like Inveterate Media Junkies taking the guess-work out of the buying equation. If you’re smart, you can discover the good comics (and what crap to avoid) without breaking the bank to find out. Speaking as a…

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