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28 Nov


Not to much to say besides I have been kind of busy writing for IMJ and work. Then I got a tiny bit lazy. But now I’m back, but with YouTube videos. (I hope to have some new stories and finish some others I started soon as well.)

Anyways here is an original song titled Why?

Why am I like this?
I can’t even try
Why am I afraid?
I can’t even talk to you


Why can’t I find
The words I want to say
To your beautiful face
It is so stunning


Why can’t you just know?
If only things were like that
Why can’t you confront me?
Cause that’s just too easy


Why must I be
The man I am?
The answer to my question
‘Cause I am me


Blink 182 – Dammit

6 Apr

Blink 182

Many of you may know that my favourtie band is Blink 182. And one of my favourite songs from them is Dammit. This was one of the first songs I figured out how to play when I was learning guitar. Since then I have covered it in an acoustic way and recently covered it via piano.

I follow Blink’s Facebook page and saw this mash-up that someone else created. I wish I could take credit for this as it as hell-a catchy.

This got to thinking that I have a couple of thinking about my covers that I had created. I have two piano covers that I want to share with you guys. The first one is just a classic piano version of Dammit.

Then I also did this version with a synthesized sound.

And there you have it… a Dammit mash-up not by me, which is clearly the best, and two piano covers by me with different sounds. Let me know what you think!

P.S. I had been drinking a bit so.. sorry if my singing is a little off… that is why… 😛

Remembering – I want some comments!

22 Feb

This song reminds me of Europe. Specifically, it reminds me of the peak and culmination of my two and a half month excursion across Europe. To get into even more detail, it reminds me of Barcelona and meeting some new friends, having a feast, and enjoying the beautiful weather well into the evening.

I heard this song today, and it makes me want to go back. Someday I will, but currently I have too many other things that are in front of it on the list of things to do.

Please, I want some commenters. Just go to YouTube, find a song and post it in the comments section. Tell me what it reminds you of. It doesn’t have to be a long explanation – in fact one word would suffice. I am just curious in what songs bring back memories for others.


The Elevator

22 Sep

The first few posts that I put on here are going to be older stuff that I have in the bank. That is, until I get new stuff and concepts and then I will start writing about those things. I will also be trying to post things as often as I can, without ever doing too much in one day.

Now, on to the point. A couple of years ago my friend and I were just chilling around at his place. We were a few drinks deep (which was quite common hanging out with him) and talking about music. He had just started to play guitar and I had been playing for roughly 5 years at the time. He asked me if I ever wrote any songs. “In fact,” I said, “I have.”

It was here that he suggested that I should write a song about the grain elevators. Many of you probably know what they look like but here is a photo:


These were quite common where I grew up. However, less and less still remain. There are only a handful in the entire province, which is crazy to think because there used to be one in almost every single town.

Now I did try and write a song. I say “try” because I could never get a melody or chord progression that I thought fit what I was trying to say. Looking back on what I wrote, it can actually work out well as a poem. So that is what it is: a poem. Things change, songs become poems, elevators are needed less and less. Now enough explanation and gibber jabber. Here it is (also – to anyone that reads this, let me know if you think it is good or even terrible. The only way I can get better is to have criticisms – Thanks!):

On my way down south
I saw these things new to me
They were bright new machines
My youth and innocence got the best of me
On my way down south

On my way down south
There were many
Each one had its own name
A castle to each town
On my way down south

There were many, but now are few
Now there is no more than two
They were so plentiful
So tall and wonderful
Reaching up towards the sky
The Grain Elevator has said its goodbye

On my way down south
There were many, but now are few
Chamberlin still holds true
Once a majestic sight
New generations will be left with stories
The one in our memories

The Elevator will be forgotten
When our generation is gone and rotten
In the flat plains, big and stout
Elevators, on the way down south