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28 Nov


Not to much to say besides I have been kind of busy writing for IMJ and work. Then I got a tiny bit lazy. But now I’m back, but with YouTube videos. (I hope to have some new stories and finish some others I started soon as well.)

Anyways here is an original song titled Why?

Why am I like this?
I can’t even try
Why am I afraid?
I can’t even talk to you


Why can’t I find
The words I want to say
To your beautiful face
It is so stunning


Why can’t you just know?
If only things were like that
Why can’t you confront me?
Cause that’s just too easy


Why must I be
The man I am?
The answer to my question
‘Cause I am me


Blink 182 – Dammit

6 Apr

Blink 182

Many of you may know that my favourtie band is Blink 182. And one of my favourite songs from them is Dammit. This was one of the first songs I figured out how to play when I was learning guitar. Since then I have covered it in an acoustic way and recently covered it via piano.

I follow Blink’s Facebook page and saw this mash-up that someone else created. I wish I could take credit for this as it as hell-a catchy.

This got to thinking that I have a couple of thinking about my covers that I had created. I have two piano covers that I want to share with you guys. The first one is just a classic piano version of Dammit.

Then I also did this version with a synthesized sound.

And there you have it… a Dammit mash-up not by me, which is clearly the best, and two piano covers by me with different sounds. Let me know what you think!

P.S. I had been drinking a bit so.. sorry if my singing is a little off… that is why… 😛

The Wild Grass

29 Mar

I realize that I haven’t really posted in the last little bit. I wrote one the other day and the decided not to post it as it may offend people. I know I shouldn’t worry too much about what others think, but there is a certain line and the previous post was definitely close to it. I still may post it at a later time, but currently I will hold off.

I wanted to let people know that follow this that I am still writing and being creative. However, it is not necessarily related to this blog. I am not forgetting about it, but there are some other things that I am trying to accomplish.

With that all said I am going to leave you with a song. Words below to follow along if you wish.

The Wild Grass


The wild grass grows
In the wind it blows
Sky is blue
Clouds are fluffy and white

The wild grass grows
In the wind it blows
Sky is black
Clouds are rainy and grey

The wild grass grows
In the snow it blows
Sky is white
Don’t see the clouds this time

Either way
All that matters is
I’m with you
That I’m with you

The Killer (Song)

13 Mar

This is a call back to an old post. I put the lyrics of this song up as it worked well on its own. However, I finally got around to recording it. Lyrics to follow underneath so you can sing along! 😛



The Killer

I was on a journey, on a long and winding road
It suddenly became aware, that I was not alone
When I went to look, there was a shocking surprise
It was the deep dark figure, hidden deep inside
This is a secret that I fear
Finally from within, the killer has appeared

If he arises, I’m afraid where I will go
I’m sure it’s the places that I refuse to know
I know society, will not understand
Just the unforgiveable thing, that is at hand
I try to bury it deeper, but it will not subside
The killer is finding his way out, from inside

I do not recognize him, from me, myself, and I
Deep inside I always knew, but still I question why
That this person is really me apart
Of the animal instinct, buried in my heart
Inside of me, released the gates of hell
How can I question, what it is I felt?

I do not know if I can prevent him from, seeing the light day
I guess this will have to end, in utter dismay
I wish that there was, a better fitted end
If it wasn’t for one, there would be no dead
I would love to keep debating, but there is something in my sights
Once I pull this trigger that is all she would write

Remembering – I want some comments!

22 Feb

This song reminds me of Europe. Specifically, it reminds me of the peak and culmination of my two and a half month excursion across Europe. To get into even more detail, it reminds me of Barcelona and meeting some new friends, having a feast, and enjoying the beautiful weather well into the evening.

I heard this song today, and it makes me want to go back. Someday I will, but currently I have too many other things that are in front of it on the list of things to do.

Please, I want some commenters. Just go to YouTube, find a song and post it in the comments section. Tell me what it reminds you of. It doesn’t have to be a long explanation – in fact one word would suffice. I am just curious in what songs bring back memories for others.